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Dec 23


Bayou Renaissance Man: Big Brother is alive and well in New York on a proposal to regulate ammo sales in NY state. It’s like trying to combat drunk drivers by controlling how much gasoline every driver can buy over a given period, whether they’re drunk or not. 

Dec 23

I had the same kneejerk reaction…

regarding VA’s decision to stop recognizing CCW permits from 25 other states. From the Barrel of a Gun: My initial kneejerk reaction…

Dec 22

What no one’s mentioned about HR1076 – Denying Firearms to Terrorists Act

At least I haven’t seen nor heard about this aspect of the proposed law anywhere…   HR1076 – and its very similar Senate version – both contain a provision that would modify 18 USC 922(g) making it illegal to possess, receive, or transport a firearm or ammunition upon being notified that you are, in effect, …

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