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  1. Selected firearms offenses summary chart — January 16, 2016
  2. Are you an enemy of the state? — December 24, 2015
  3. QOTD — December 23, 2015
  4. I had the same kneejerk reaction… — December 23, 2015
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Jan 16

Selected firearms offenses summary chart

Originally obtained as a PDF from the Federal Public Defender – District of Nebraska site. For those who would argue that the federal firearms laws are weak, this seems to cover nearly every conceivable infraction.   SELECTED FIREARMS OFFENSES — “CHEAT SHEET” Offense Section Description Statutory Maximum 18 U.S.C. § 922(a)(1) Willful engagement in firearms …

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Dec 24

Are you an enemy of the state?

At the National Review: Democrats and Totalitarianism in 2016 An enemy of the state? That’s the Democrats’ theme for the New Year: totalitarianism. via From the Barrel of a Gun

Dec 23


Bayou Renaissance Man: Big Brother is alive and well in New York on a proposal to regulate ammo sales in NY state. It’s like trying to combat drunk drivers by controlling how much gasoline every driver can buy over a given period, whether they’re drunk or not. 

Dec 23

I had the same kneejerk reaction…

regarding VA’s decision to stop recognizing CCW permits from 25 other states. From the Barrel of a Gun: My initial kneejerk reaction…

Dec 22

Making progress

I got the blogroll and the RSS reader list more or less fixed. It’s been my policy to run a reciprocal blogroll here.  If you list me, say the word and I’ll list you.

Dec 22

What no one’s mentioned about HR1076 – Denying Firearms to Terrorists Act

At least I haven’t seen nor heard about this aspect of the proposed law anywhere…   HR1076 – and its very similar Senate version – both contain a provision that would modify 18 USC 922(g) making it illegal to possess, receive, or transport a firearm or ammunition upon being notified that you are, in effect, …

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Dec 18

What I’ve done this past year or so.

Rescued a grandson from a “less than ideal” environment.  Got re-involved with ham (amateur) radio.  Avoided a lay-off and changed employers.  Adopted my grandson.  Started and stopped blogging about five times.  Separated from my wife.  Damned near got divorced.  Stopped blogging.  Stopped reading the blogs.  Stopped watching the news for awhile.  Bought a new boat.  …

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Dec 18

And we’re back…

Gonna give this blogging thing another try.